Disclaimer: Right, we’ve been in the wilderness for a while now, so no internet (or even phone). So will do a few blog post in quick succession, but you’ll have to wait for photos a few days longer as I’ve been too busy having fun to even sort through them!

We didn’t managed to make a campfire on our first night at the Signal Mountain campground, we tried but then it started raining, and it didn’t stop for most of the following 36 hours. So when we woke up the next morning, we decided to take it easy that day and not go on a big hike. A little walk through the campground was already very lovely, seeing squirrels and chipmunks and deer just a few feet from us. Grand Teton National Park has a rather excellent visitor centre. Among many other things, we now know where the park got its name from, and it is indeed a little naughty just as we always thought when we said the name. Some -apparently depraved- French explorers came up with the name which basically translates as the Big Boobs. Grand Teton looks quite a bit like the Alps, but with bears, not that we came across any. Despite the weather, which cleared up for a little time in the afternoon, we did have an excellent day yet again. We retired for the night with a forecast just below freezing and the ominous news that the first snow storm of the season was on its way to the area.
Luckily, that snow storm hadn’t quite arrived when we got back on the road the next day on our way to Yellowstone National Park. “Quite” being the operative word in that sentence. It didn’t take long for the snowflakes to fall from the skies and by the time we arrived at the South Entrance of Yellowstone Park around 10am, you could barely see anything but the white stuff. We drove on, not seeing anything but the road in front of us and every once in a while I could catch a glimpse of the cliff drop right next to the road. It was a somewhat stressful drive up to the visitor centre at Old Faithful. When we arrived there, the snow had turned into miserable rain. But we had just arrived in time to see Old Faithful erupt, even the rain couldn’t stop my excitement at seeing the water jet 130ft into the air. It was awesome! Then, it was onwards to our campsite for the night, Madison campground. On the way there, we saw some bison. It was awesome! At the campground we found out that the South Entrance had closed due to the weather only an hour or so after we went through it. Well, that was lucky, a detour to another entrance could have taken us at least a half day’s drive. In the evening, just before dusk, we decided to venture into the town of West Yellowstone in Montana (that way, we got to tick another state of the list). On the way there, we saw some elk. It was awesome! Now for the town of West Yellowstone, there isn’t really much to it to be honest, we did have dinner in a local restaurant which felt like we stepped into a time warp. We had to keep a close eye on the weather though, as we had left the campground, the snow started coming down again and we didn’t want to be stuck out in the town in case the West Entrance would close too. Back at our site, we prepared for what would be our coldest night yet, just below freezing. A duvet, some super warm sleeping bags, a thermal nightie and bedsocks would have to the trick (along with leaving the thermostat on so the water lines wouldn’t freeze in the RV)…

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