As we left Yellowstone, we got to experience what the rest of the state of Wyoming had to offer. In one word: space, lots of space, really a lot of space. Wyoming is just over 8 times the size of Belgium, yet has a population of only 563626 (Belgium has 10 million). So you can find yourself driving for miles and miles and miles without coming across another living soul.
The first town we drove through was Cody, a bit of a tourist mecca and we didn’t stay long. We had planned on visiting the Buffalo Bill museum, which had been recommended by several people, but it had closed for a refurb, so we drove on. Meeteetse with a population of about 300 was a super cute little town, but we didn’t really stop to take in its delights, which I rather regret now. Onwards to Thermopolis, which isn’t quite as fancy as the name would make you think. One of our silly highlights there was seeing the local high school football team practise, it was just like in the movies. And then we had to find a nice enough place to park the RV for the night, preferably one with laundry facilities! Well, the next town we drove through had an RV park or two, but let’s just say that seemed to be the kind of place for “local people”. So as night started to fall over Wyoming, we kept driving on. The town with the promising name of Ten Sleep was on the horizon and yes, we found a nice place to stay there. We were definitely the odd ones out though. At this time of year, we were the only “tourists” staying at the site, which you can apparently tell by how busy the laundry room gets. In summer, no matter how many machines the owners keep buying, there’s always a line. In autumn, hunters are the main occupants of the campground and they don’t seem too bothered about clean clothes.
Ten Sleeps is right outside the Bighorn National Forest, route 16 goes through this part of the state and this was the route we needed to get to our next destination, Devils Tower Monument. What I didn’t quite realise was that Bighorn National Forest is STUNNING! We could see the snow capped peaks of the mountains as the sun was setting the night before and were we glad we didn’t drive on that night. It was just too beautiful to miss.

We arrived at our destination in the afternoon. Devil’s Tower Monument is pretty darn cool, no aliens around, and they don’t try to cash in on that theme in any way either (I wouldn’t have minded). We saw the movie Paul just a few weeks before, so it was fun seeing the “set” and walking around the odd geographical thingy that is the monument. There were even some people climbing on it, scary! We settled for the night at the campground in the park with a view over the tower, lovely.

As we drove away the following morning we found ourselves being entertained for quite some time by dozens of prairie dogs. Cute little fellows they are! Although best not to get too close, as they might have plague-carrying fleas, yikes. And the holes where they live, also tend to house rattle snakes and black widow spiders, double yikes! Anyway, we’re so loving all the wildlife we see on this trip and much of it we see because of the campgrounds we like to stay at (the ones in the national parks, rather than the private ones). If we had done this trip in a car, rather than an RV and stayed in hotels and motels along the route, this is something we would have missed out on.

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