We woke up early this morning, at 4am, ouch! But there was a greater purpose to this madness, we were about to sail into New York, a sight that shouldn’t be missed. Except that when we arrived at our look out point, we were greeted with a fairly dense fog. New York, where the hell are you?!? It wasn’t until we got really close to the Verrazano Narrow’s Bridge that we actually saw it, sailing under it, always looks like the ship is about to lose the top of the funnel. In fact, it’s a bit of an optical illusion, and there’s actually about 4 metres spare (if the tide is right). When building the Queen Mary 2, they actually made sure that she would fit under the bridge. Then about 30 minute later, we’d sail passed the Statue of Liberty and the Manhattan skyline should look absolutely wonderful. Well, we nearly missed Lady Liberty, she was hiding, with her head in the clouds. The New York skyline remained even more illusive. Oh well, better luck next time, not that this wasn’t another wonderful experience.

Unfortunately, arriving in New York meant disembarking this beauty. As I mentioned earlier, I could easily get used to living on this ship. But the rest of our adventure awaits. We are now on our way to Las Vegas, flying at an altitude of I don’t know how many thousand feet. I think I could do with a nap now. Tomorrow we pick the RV and head to Zion National Park.

Sunset on our last evening

Under the Verrrazano Narrows Bridge

Lady Liberty with her head in the clouds

Hello New York!

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  • marjan says:

    great pics of a (not so) great sail into NY.
    leuk om jullie avonturen hier en op twitter te lezen! keep ‘em coming ;
    enjoy the trip!!


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